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Crowdsourced Question Answering Chatbot on Facebook Messanger.


Qbeak is an intelligent Question Answering Chatbot powered by Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and most importantly the Facebook Users. 
Qbeak is a product of OpenRaaS Inc.

You have questions, We have answers.

What Our Beaks Say

Be inquisitve, Be curious, Be a Questioning Beak.... A Qbeak.

“interesting concept. I like having instant answers to factual questions. It has wikipedia integrated for just that.”

“I never thought I could get my questions answered by experts from the convenience of Facebook Messanger. Really like the jokes too. Qbeak humors me. I will recommend Qbeak to all the users out there. It is a great crowdsourced chatbot.”

“I love Facebook and I love answering questions. Now I can do just that. It is fun to get my most abstract questions answered without revealing my idenity. Qbeak handles profanity and a lot of other aspects using AI”